Technology and Business

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Clarifying The Facebook Messenger Panic

Social networks including Facebook were flooded with articles about people worried about their privacy regarding the Facebook Messenger’s compulsory switch from the messenger feature of its application to an independent one with new terms and conditions. According to a HuffingtonPost article,the policies were “Orwellian” in reference to 1984, a  George Orwell Classic that uses the same principles with Facebook’s new app.

Policies, such as using the camera at any time without your permission and using the app to call phone numbers without the owner’s permission had sent many people panicking whether or not to use the Facebook messenger application.

According to Facebook, the terms and conditions Google Play provides (this specific scare is for Android users) are very rigid because the company is inclined to use the terms only Google play provides. This made way for misleading terms and conditions, and does not highlight the limitations of Facebook’s power in the application.

A representative from Facebook said that with Apple’s app store, they could use the permissions language in any way they want, which makes it easier to explain the limitations of Facebook’s new application.

Misinformation or not, it can be annoying to have a separate application to talk with your friends instead of doing it all in a single application.

Is Oxitec Ethical in Its Modification of One of Nature’s Biggest Killers?

Mosquitoes, specifically the Aedes Aegypti mosquito, are one of nature’s deadliest assassins because they can cause Breakbone Fever. Every year, 20,000 people die from their disease. The world has tried using pesticides and other forms of chemical extermination, but it proves to be ineffectively. However, Oxitec, with usage of genetic modification, intends to use the bug as the vaccine to its own virus.

Oxitec is pioneering putting a lethal gene in a male mosquito sperm, which kills the offspring when the male and female mate with each other. They have begun their experiment in the Cayman Islands and Brazil. The project, called the Release of Insects With Dominant Lethality or RIDL, had shown a 96% suppression rate.

However, genetic-modification, and other forms of technological innovation, are double-edged swords.

The Aedes Aegypti mosquito may decimate in number, and it may help stop the spread of deadly diseases, but it is also a part of an ecosystem. The mosquitoes may be the prey for another predator, which has built-in genetic material that neutralises the deadly effects of the virus the mosquitoes carry.

While no sympathy is ever present for insects and mosquitoes, mosquitoes still serve a purpose in the balance of ecology. If the genetic material put into the mosquitoes’ male population could drive them to extinction, it may cause a great imbalance. Ethics aside, the practicality of the project is still questionable.


Technology Is the Symbol of Mankind’s Control Over His Environment

During the early times, imagination was needed to see how man can move mountains, or let alone climb the titans. The giant size of things indicated superiority, and amidst dangerous animals, man only had his mind. He then was able to create fire, which he used to defend, nourish and improve his stature in life. Fire was the first form of technology mankind had, and it was one of the basic things that created technology.

Technology is indeed the symbol for mankind’s control over the environment. Fire allowed him to cook meat, clear bushes, bring down trees. Later on, he forged steel, created crude machines, which he improved with the discovery of other energies, that formed new technologies in turn.

Today’s videogames are no exception. With energy in the form of electricity, new parts have improved, allowing developers to create a world that only once existed on paper, scripts and novels. The creation of a new world, and the means to improve these worlds, had given humanity control over their environment by “escaping” the present into a new world foreign to them.

The comforts of communication had closed distances between continents. Vehicles are soon to become self-manned. Everything is working for the comfort of humanity, and soon, he will control virtually anything in the universe, as indicated by his or her technology.


The Demands of Technology Start-ups From Their Governments

In many countries, technology start-up companies are multiplying in number, and are providing locals jobs that range from menial to skilled. Technological entrepreneurship will not only help boost innovation that could be a stimulus of a country, but it will also advance the exports and manufacturing sectors, which will help developing and developed nations to prosper equally.

1. Improvements in Governance
Start-up technology companies only ask that the information leaks and their own security is protected by the government. This is not just applicable in technology companies, but also for other industries.

2. Attracting Investors
Small tech companies ask their governments to make efforts to attract domestic and foreign investors to allow a high-risk investment to materialize for start-up companies. To further attract investors, they also ask that the government allow small businesses to compete based on innovation and not through who fulfils the requirements first.

3. Academics
Curriculums in countries could focus on the talents of the students and allow them to discover their relevance in different industries, which could help in their self-discovery. It should also encourage students to become entrepreneurs and share their innovation, which could help their respective countries. Reimagining education, and modifying it to serve the best interests of the country, where it can land jobs and proper expertise for nationals, will help bolster the economy.

Wearable Technology May Be Seen In a Few Years

For vehicles, the next evolutionary step is the introduction of self-driving vehicles. For personal technology, being wearable is the next step after being portable and efficient. According to recent news, tech leaders Google and Samsung have begun investment on developing wearable technologies. Google’s “Glass” technology, which highlights augmented reality, is being developed underway. However, Apple has not yet announced its plans.

The company Pebble had sold 40,000 of units of smartwatch, proving the viability of wearable technology to consumer attitudes. However, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said that the wearable technology market is “not yet mature enough” for the company to invest ideas in such a market.

Wearable technologies, which people might see in the next half-decade, may be able to record vital information about its owners, specifically their blood pressure, sugar levels and other problems their body might have. This might be similar to a video game menu showing the injuries sustained by the character you are playing except this time it is you.

Experts said that wearable technology can appear soon enough because the technology is already available. However, it is the market acceptance that concern most technology companies; they will be investing in starting up a new industry apart from the personal computer and gadgets market itself.

Internet Balkanization May Bring Troubles to Different Businesses and Industries

Recently, troubled countries have re-routed their internet connections away from the eyes of the United States after the NSA spying activities revealed by Edward Snowden. Technology specialists assume that this might be the start of internet balkanization or splinternet. The split of the internet might mean that businesses, especially outsourcing, may be affected.

Outsourcing has become the biggest technology business there is ever since the internet and web 2.0 had conquered the datascape. This outsourcing business had stretched towards India and Southeast Asia for the past decade. With the splinternet, the outsourcing trade may diminish in value over time.

Southeast Asia are the biggest outsourcing centers in the world, along with Australia and India. Developing nations and economies depend heavily on the internet to rely on providing consumer and technical support services. If the internet gets regulated, thereby slowing down the process of information exchange, these services will be obsolete and businesses might localise their outsourcing operations, or make an in house version of such.

Balkanization will also mean the filtering of information coming in and out of countries before it enters other countries. This might create a culture of misinformation. While it protects national interests for affected countries, it will directly affect industries and businesses, not just outsourcing, but those that depend on outsourcing, which are virtually all kinds of businesses.

When Is Technology Helpful and Not?

Smartphones. They’re everywhere. Even this post, I wrote this on my smartphone.

These capabilities that once needed multiple parts and components of a pound-heavy CPU and monitor could now be done with a palm-sized smartphone. This convenience is certainly a blessing of the technology gods. And wait, you could even enjoy games, movies and the internet while you are at it. Such genius the people behind these technologies are.

But, date back, and you will realize that when technology did not exist, people would send ‘snail mails’ through couriers, who were people riding vehicles. A date before, and these were people who were riding horses. It took months for a letter to arrive, but today, a text message could just arrive in just a few seconds in any part of the world.

Technology is a huge convenience. It is the fire man first used when he traversed the land of the earth that allowed him to manipulate everything in his surroundings, including his food, clothes and tools. However, despite the power of these technologies, it allowed man to improve because greater struggles still lie ahead.

Our technological improvements are improving our capabilities and are closing the struggles the world is facing. Convenience is such a huge factor in the prices of modern technologies. We are slowly becoming the world Aldous Huxley imagined in his Brave New World. We are losing some of our abilities innate to us before.

Now, children are not playing outside, which helps them have enough physical exercise. They now spend time playing with smartphones. In ten years, people don’t need to drive or observe the traffic laws because self-driving cars will allow people to drink as much as they can and do not worry about an accident at all.

Our future of discipline technology will soon take over, and if we don’t find the right way to evolution, our race may be doomed.

The Importance of Practicing Your Right to Reclaim Injury Compensation

You might have a few things against claims management companies, but I would tell myself that it’s a stroke of luck I worked with a good one. A No Win No Fee Advice Line from a reputable claims company helped me get the proper compensation for my son. A truck driver from a well-known brand manufacturer had ended up injuring his right leg in collision.

I approached my friends and neighbours, who all told me that I should first seek the help of my medical professional. My medical professional said that it would cost a few thousand pounds to heal my son’s compound fracture, but it was worth it because the doctor said my son will still be able to walk and play sports. He gave me a comprehensive medical report, which I then had my medical school sister evaluate.

The total bill for my son’s fracture operation went around £20,000. I went to the company and they denied that any truck of theirs actually hit my child. Patiently, I digested their statements. I thought then that I would need help.

Luckily, some other witnesses to the hit and run filed a police report regarding the incident. It noted the delivery truck’s plate number. I showed it to the company after a few days, but still they never relented.

I decided to work with a claims management company who first originated as my intelligence and information resource regarding claims. Using their service, they pointed out to me that my son also suffered emotional damages, which can be proven by psychological tests and that the medical professional indicated the pain and suffering he endured and may possibly endure in the future.

From £20,000, I ended up a total of £50,000 for my child. This was when I realized that if the UK didn’t give rights to compensation, my son would not have a better future.

Total Surveillance as the Future of the Internet

The internet had allowed the once-famous “15 minutes of fame” phrase out of style as anybody could post media they had created and even be famous if discovered by people looking for talent. However, criminals and the entire internet population can see everything one posts in the internet, including information and photos in social networks.

Total surveillance is what some experts perceive as the future of the internet. With the voluntary submission of both confidential and informal information to companies with online utilities, criminals could intercept this information at any time. Aside from criminals also comes authorities who are invisibly surveying people illegally.

Today, the world has formed an independent panel that would evaluate the possible future of surveillance and the internet. The World Economic Forum had formed an independent commission headed by Swedish foreign minister Carl Bildt, which would study the future of the internet.

The independent commission was formed to discuss the issues of privacy and surveillance after Edward Snowden reavealed the NSA and GCHQ’s illegal surveillance activities.

However, regardless of the group’s predictions for the internet, it is inevitable that the world is reaching voluntary total surveillance. However, the total surveillance system in the future is not in the hands of governments in every country, but with multinational companies who provide internet services.

This total surveillance is possibly not a tool for controlling political forces or security use, but rather for business means and building new economies. This could mean that governments can be under the indirect control of corporations through the use of the internet.

Laying Off the Smartphone for a While

The Smartphone; a revolutionary gadget that elevated the minds of consumers that the future is coming. Touchscreen technology, portability and excellent features made the smartphone one of the most convenient inventions the world ever saw. Almost everyone has one, almost everyone is connected.

In family gatherings, you will never see one group without one person staring at their smartphone browsing through their social media accounts or email. In one birthday gathering, people are probably taking a photo or video of the birthday celebrant while singing to him or her as the cake arrives. In a vacation, people use the front-facing camera of their phone to take a photo of themselves.

The internet is a vast repository of knowledge. The arrival of social media signalled a great deal of interest in using the internet to put one’s page up as a representation of their internet presence. Social media had become a medium of communication between two people from long distances, and even short distances, because of smartphones.

The smartphone and the internet instantly connect and disconnect people at the same time. With the option to interact with only the people you choose to be with, you can shun the people who are next to you as your eyes are glued to the screen.

Maybe it is time to lay off the smartphone for a while. Disconnect and reflect on how beautiful the natural human interaction and communication through mouths and ears, not earpieces and text, really is.

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